Photo Magician

A Fast And Efficient Batch Photo Converter And Resizer.

Photo Magician , batch irresizemage converter , image editing software

  • Convert images using pre-defined profiles.
  • Create custom profiles.
  • Resize images by pixel size or by percentage.
  • Photos in landscape or Portrait are converted "using reverse width/height by orientation" to maintain a correct conversion.
  • Include sub folders for image conversion.
  • Ability to overwite the original images.
  • Turn off image previewing during the conversion.
  • Exlude images under certain file size.
  • Exclude images under certain pixel size.
  • Convert all images to one image format.
  • Quick Convert Mode Allows you to drag images onto the hat to convert them quickly.
  • Support for popular images formats and others including DDS, TARGA, RAW, PCX.
  • Auto Updating.
  • Command line parameters supported.
  • Upload converted images to popular social sites or FTP.
  • Email your converted images to all your friends.
  • Retain basic EXIF data on JPEG images.
  • Apply effects like Sepia, Grayscale, Negative, Rotate/Flipping.
  • Translated into many languages.
  • Runs on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 x64.


  • Note: Offers to download or install software or components that the program does not require to fully function.

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