An Easy To Use Twitter Client That Features An Interface Inspired By The Windows 8 Metro Style.



Tweet with me, myself and I

With multiple-accounts support, quickly and easily switch between different personas for work or fun - view and tweet as if you were one.

None of what you don't want

With every thing going on, your friends are bound to say something you just couldn't care less about. Set up keyword, hashtag or even application filters to block out the noise from your streams.

A DeLorean built-in.

tweet is the fastest way to fix that silly spelling mistake before anyone notices. Flux capacitors included.

All about you

Be notified when someone follow you, Favorited your tweet and added you to a list. It's like having your own paparazzi.

Faster than a Peregrine Falcon.

Even the fastest animal on the planet can't deliver a message as fast. With support for Twitter's Streaming API, you can now follow along hot topics and discussions in real-time.

Look, it's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a funny cat picture!

Get a close look at all the pictures and videos with popup previews for third-party media services, including but not limited to YouTube and TwitPic, without ever leaving the application.

Tweet a thousand words, or just an extra few

A picture can speak a thousand words so simply drag and drop images from Windows to quickly tweet your best cat photos. Otherwise if just need an extra few precious words, TwitLonger makes sure you can fit it all in.

Get the whole story

Follow the tweet breadcrumbs to read the entire Twitter conversation back-and-forth without missing a beat.

Stay in the know

Be in the know of all the fun and quirky trending topics around the world or just around the corner. Take a step back in time to see what was trending last week.

Infinite scrolling

If you ever want to read more tweets, just scroll down and more will appear almost instantly. Be careful though, it's addictive and you could be scrolling for hours.

URL shortening and previews

Take control of links with an intuitive URL shortener that automatically saves you space and time tweeting. At the same time, worry less about where obscure links might take you by simply hovering over it.

Auto-complete for usernames & hash tags

The people and topics you care about, at your fingertips. Simply start typing any part of a username or hashtag and we'll find them for you.

Windows 7 taskbar integration

You don't have to switch away from what you're doing to keep tabs on new tweets. A counter in the taskbar will tell you exactly how many unread messages there are.

Themes and accents

Choose between dark text on light background and vice versa plus a selection of color accents to personalize the design. Better yet, match the application with your Aero Glass color for a more consistent look.

Quick-glance notifications

Read excerpts from new tweet updates as they cycle through in the notifications. If you run out of time, hover over the notifications to stop the countdown to read even more.

Resizable and reorderable columns

Not all columns must be created equal. You have the choice and flexibility to control exactly how your columns should look.

Flawless high DPI support

The vector-based user interface powered by Windows Presentation Foundation works and looks even better in high DPI.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Windows XP/Vista/7.


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