Compose, Customize And Add Vibrant Colors And Amazing Textures To Folders.

icomancer , folder customization

  • With icomancer you can set any color from distinct color palettes to your folders so you can quickly identify those special or important folders.
  • If you want to get more than simple colors, icomancer gives you opaque and translucent textures to give life to your folders.
  • Get a deeper customization level and set your own pictures as embedded icons or portraits for your folders.
  • Add special effects to your pictures with a list of pre-set styles for "normal" icons, image treatment, or, when you set your crafting picture as cover portrait, set the type of the content with an extensible list of add-on icons.
  • Get pre-made icons online.
  • Share your creations.
  • Automatic backup of your creations.
  • All icons set with icomancer are made portable. This means that no matter if you imbue icons to local folders and you move them to an USB drive or copy them to a Windows Network Share, the icon will persists as long as the folder remains in a FAT or NTFS storage device.
  • Runs on Windows XP / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64.


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