Google Fiber launches: Internet @ 1000 Mbps speeds!

This is the biggest news of the year.

Google Fiber has finally arrived in Kansas City

Google is touting 1,000 Mbps download and upload speeds, positioning its service as "100 times faster" than traditional "broadband."

No monthly bandwidth caps, no overages. And comes with 1TB of cloud storage on Google Drive, included at $70 a month for only internet + cloud. Service is $120 a month if you want the Google Fiber TV bundle also.

google fibre , 1000 mbps speed

 Google detailed the Network box, which offers gigabit routing, Wi-Fi, four ethernet ports, and "simple network management." An identical-looking "Storage Box" wil have 2TB of storage that will act as the DVR for all devices in the house. Every TV will need a small TV box to interface with the other two pieces of hardware — it will work with Netflix and YouTube as well. It will also act as a Wi-Fi access point — "We're turning every TV into a Wi-Fi hotspot," Google says.

The Nexus 7 is the remote for this service, and will be included at no extra charge with every TV package.

The costs starts with a $300 construction fee to get the fiber installed at your house. After that, there will be two kinds of packages for Google Fiber.

For $120 per month, the first package is the "Gigabit + TV" package with 1TB of storage, internet, and a single lump of all channels in a single bundle. It will include major broadcast networks, "hundreds" of "fiber channels," and on-demand movies and shows. Premium movie channels will still be an additional monthly fee. Google will waive the construction fee for new customers for a limited time.

A $70 per month Gigabit-only package will provide internet and the 1TB of cloud storage on Google Drive. For a limited time, Google is also offering a third package with "average" broadband speeds for *free*. It will be 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up, assuming they are willing to chip in on the construction fee for the fiber line.

These packages only apply to residential users — business prices weren't announced today.

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